Pinterest helps businesses of all sizes by providing a unique marketing opportunity as a visual search engine.

One of the best social platforms to optimize and share visual content is Pinterest. It is a social media platform that allows users to post pictures and videos of products, articles, and more.

Pinterest is a social media site that was originally launched as a website for following and sharing photos. Today, Pinterest has over 478 million active users and the average user spends around 20 minutes on the site each day.

Pinterest Marketing is a great tool for businesses. It helps them to reach their target audience and get more conversions. Businesses can advertise on Pinterest using Pins, Promoted Pins, and Promoted Accounts to increase their visibility across the platform.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is both social media and a search engine platform.

That means that you get the best of both worlds.
With the social media aspect, you can easily go viral. Your pins could effortlessly get shared by hundreds and thousands of people that will not solely save your pin, to actually see it later, but they will really be clicking on them. And that would not just increase your brand awareness and the influence of your brand but through getting your pins viral, more and more people would click on it and you would be driving more and more traffic to your website from where you can monetize that however you want.

Also being a search engine platform, Pinterest offers you the ability to actually optimize your content as much as possible. If you optimize correctly your content, optimize your account, images, and keywords, then you will be seen by thousands and millions of Pinterest users, which is a very unique thing.

With other platforms, you need to have lots and lots of followers to guarantee that you’re going to be seen by other people, but not with Pinterest.
If you use this tool well, and if you optimize your content well, you could even
have zero followers and be successful on Pinterest.

  • As of the fourth quarter of 2021, Pinterest had 478 million monthly active users worldwide, and half of those users are in the US.
  • A lot of people go to other social media platforms mainly for the social aspect or for entertainment, and a lot of times they’re not thinking about purchases at all.
    But 93 percent of active Pinners actually use it to make purchases, which is amazing.
    {It’s a great opportunity for you to show your product, show your service or anything that you’re offering to this audience that potentially has haven’t even heard about you yet yet.}
  • 87 percent of Pinterest users have actually made a purchase because of Pinterest, which is expected if 93% of Pinners use it to plan purchases.
  • 80 percent of purchases made through Pinterest are from non-brands, that means that the little guy can absolutely succeed. So you don’t have to be a big name like Nike or Swarowski to actually sell products well on Pinterest
  • Lastly, 50% of Pinterest users earn fifty thousand dollars per year or more, and 10 percent earn one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars per year or more, which is amazing.
    That shows the buying power that Pinterest users have, especially in comparison to other social media platforms.

*Pinterest’s biggest advantage is that the audience that you be showing your content, has that purchasing power, and they also use Pinterest to plan purchases and they have made purchases Pinterest.

Pinterest VS. Other platforms

Pinterest is the best platform for promoting products because it has the highest shopping intent of any social media platform.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest SEO?

Pinterest SEO involves optimizing your profile and website in order to generate more organic traffic from Pinterest. The main method in which Pinterest SEO differs from Google SEO is how to target “keywords” that are determined and then utilized to optimize one’s profile.
A strong Pinterest SEO strategy is one of the best ways to increase your reach and drive more sales. In fact, SEO on Pinterest is arguably more important than on any other social media platform.
That’s because Pinterest is a powerful visual discovery engine — where content lives on and gets surfaced resurfaced over and over again — for months, not minutes.
Also, the ranking factors on Pinterest relate more to engagement metrics and social shares than backlinks and technical SEO.

Why Pinterest for marketing?

  • It’s a monumental spot for sharing
  • Inspiring
  • Mostly oraginic traffic
  • Female dominated
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